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Why Using StreamNet Home Fiber Internet Serivce - Using Together With Family Members! - Unlimited Data Bandwidth! - Free Installation & No Service Fees! - 72 Hours MTTR!

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+ Low cost and shared internet with family.

+ Unlimited data bandwidth

+ Sharing & together family used.

+ Service Fees Free.

+ 72 hours MTTR.

+ Customers who will start using the StreamNet fiber internet line are installed within a week.

+ StreamNet internet bills

+ KBZ Pay

+ KBZ Banking

+ AYA Banking

+ Wavemoney

You can easily pay through us.

  • Free Installation

    StreamNet fibre internet services are available for free installation fee with just a minimum of 6 months of use with the customer who will start using them....

  • Free Setup

    You can rent and use StreamNet fiber internet services for free ONT for the duration of your use.

  • Extra Bonus

    Customers used StreamNet fiber internet lines for advance payment will be given an extra month (free) and extra data bandwidth access.

FTTx Fiber Internet Service

Stream Net high speed fiber internet lines can be installed and used in the following cities at an affordable price.

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